S-MODE IOP2 Wavegliders

2023/04/24 KML tracks now include a description of the sensor being used. LCTD is used for SV2s. WCTD is used for Stokes and Planck. UCTD is used for other wave gliders

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FormatFileUpdated (UTC)file size
MatlabPLANCK_PLD_DATA_ALL.matMay 12 01:217.03 MB
NetCDFSMODE IOP2 THREDDS linkMay 26 18:19
Positionwaveglider_positions.kmzMay 15 12:35274.03 KB
SST trackswaveglider_sst.kmzMay 15 12:35598.28 KB
SSS trackswaveglider_sss.kmzMay 15 12:35437.82 KB
Density trackswaveglider_rho.kmzMay 15 12:35411.58 KB

Latest position


WGMS portal

IOP2 Waveglider watch schedule

IOP2 Waveglider Virtual Log


WHOI wave glider comparison plots


Campbell CR6 dataloggerCR6_Manual.pdf
Seabird GPCTDGPCTD_manual.pdf
Kipp & Zonen SGR4-V LongwaveSGR4V.pdf
Kipp & Zonen SMP21-V ShortwaveSMP21V.pdf
Gill R3-50Gill_R3-50.pdf
Airmar WX200Airmar_WX200pdf
Nortek Sig1000 ADCPNortek1000.pdf
Vectornav VN300 IMUVN-300.pdf
SBG Ellipse DEllipse-D.pdf
Vaisala WXT530WXT530.pdf
RDI WorkHorse ADCPWorkHorse_ADCP.pdf
Hukseflux SR03Hukseflux_SR03.pdf
Hukseflux IR02Hukseflux_IR02.pdf

Historical Data

March 2021 Point Loma Sea-spider test

April-May 2021 Test deployment