Near-Real Time Subtidal Surface Ocean Velocity, 6km Resolution, 25 hour moving-average

The 10 most recent time intervals are provided

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ProgramIntegrated Ocean Observing System (IOOS)
summarySurface ocean velocities estimated from HF-Radar are representative of the upper 2.4 meters of the ocean. The main objective of near-real time processing is to produce the best product from available data at the time of processing. Radial velocity measurements are obtained from individual radar sites through the U.S. HF-Radar Network. Hourly radial data are processed by unweighted least squares on a 6km resolution grid of the U.S. West Coast to produce hourly near real-time surface current maps. The subtidal current is estimated by applying a 25 hour moving average filter to the hourly surface current maps.
spatial resolution6km
InstitutionCoastal Observing Research and Development Center, Scripps Institution of Oceanography

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